rd approved meal plans

About our meal plans

There's no shortage of meal plans for sale on the internet, so what sets ours apart? Well, for starters, they are composed by our Registered Dietitian, Shelagh, to ensure that the meals and snacks are well-balanced and contain good ratios of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.  The meals are also larger from a volume perspective to help prevent you from feeling hungry, resulting in a higher likelihood of staying on track.

Now, these meal plans are not custom, but you will be sent a meal plan curated to meet your caloric and protein needs based on your goals and anthropometrics (just a fancy word for height, weight, etc.).   No matter what your goals may be, we have a meal plan to help you!

5-Day Meal Plan


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An RD-curated 5-day meal plan based on your individual caloric and protein needs to achieve your goals.